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Synthetic Thatch


Country Thatch offers the most professional thatching and decking services in South Africa and have been Specialists in all aspects of this Graceful Art for over 22 Years

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Check out our Synthetic Thatch Solutions

Why you should get a Synthetic Thatch Quote Today:

  • Synthetic Thatch is Guaranteed for 20 Years, but...
  • Will last up to 50 years!
  • There are No additional maintenance costs
  • No toxic mould used in creation process (prevents health hazards)
  • Birds, bugs and rodents can’t eat Synthetic Thatch (no insect infestations!)
  • Doesn’t decay or rot like normal thatch
  • Designed specifically to withstand harsh climates
  • Can withstand winds of over 180 k.p.h
  • Not susceptible to sun damage (doesn’t fade!)
  • Looks just like the real thing (see pictures below!)


Benefits of Synthetic Thatch:

  • Save Money Initially and Later
  • Eliminate Future Maintenance
  • Pay less Insurance Costs
  • No Health Hazards (no allergies or bacteria)
  • Less chances of storm damage
  • Fire Hazard Reduction
  • Create a breath taking ambiance for your guests


Problems with Natural Thatch:

  • Depending on climate Lasts only 2 – 15 years
  • Natural thatch is dead once harvested and begin decaying immediately
  • Moisture from rain and dew becomes trapped in natural thatch and speeds up decay
  • Decay and UV light damage from the sun fades the colour
  • Moisture eventually causes mold and rot resulting in an unpleasant odour
  • Rodents, birds insects like millipedes nest in and eat away at natural thatch, as well as leave toxic excrement which is a health hazard


Two Customisable Synthetic Thatch Solutions Available

We have two types of synthetic thatch products available to suit your styling requirements, namely FiberReed (a synthetic reed thatch product line) and FiberPalm (synthetic leaf thatch product line) Both are highly durable artificial thatch products that look exactly like the real thing.

FiberReed (a synthetic reed thatch product line)


FiberPalm (synthetic leaf thatch product line)


Click Here For More Detailed Information On Our Synthetic Thatch


Contact us now to get a free quotation and a special Discount

Call +27 (0)83-442-0860 for immediate assistance

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